About Us

Background and Vision

  • Our CEO / Founder was a former IT Manager / Technical Architect at a Big 4 Firm, who thrived on building recruiting solutions ahead of its time.  
  • In 2006, our CEO / Founder implemented his first Sales Recruiting Solution under the name PyramidST (which he founded & built) driven by technology. It yielded a stunning success - first across Panasonic,  then Toshiba, followed by Xerox.
  • In 2016, some 10 years later, our CEO / Founder built and launched his latest brainchild in the form of CopierReps.com, which accommodates the changes to the recruiting landscape over the past decade (in particular pertaining to Social Media and Artificial Intelligence). 
  • Unlike other well known job boards, CopierReps will pay for itself many times over.  Can you afford not to use us?
  • Tips on Hiring Quality Sales Reps - Our CEO / Founder has written articles on hiring quality B2B Sales Reps, which our trained Sales Recruiters can share with you.

Proven across the Copier Industry

  • After entering the Copier Industry in 2006 armed with cutting edge web-based technology and processes, CopierReps far exceeded expectations from the major Manufacturers looking to help out their Dealer channels with a top class Sales Rep recruiting solution.
  • With CopierReps, you can now hire great candidates within 30 days instead of the traditional 45-90 days leading to an increased bottom line.
  • We do all the heavy lifting from identifying candidates, reaching out to them, cold calling, emailing, follow up, screening & submitting them to you. 
  • You are now able to focus your time & energy being more productive in other business related areas such as training, mentoring and setting your outside Sales Reps up to be successful
  • You receive great Customer Service throughout the process.
  • This is a premium recruiting service for recruiting Sales Reps across the US.

How we can help you

  • Improve your productivity while recruiting Sales Reps, and ultimately increasing your bottom line. 
  • Let us handle the time-consuming legwork of sourcing and screening local Sales Reps, while you focus on growing your territories. 
  • Better overall quality hire since we reach out to a much larger pool of candidates than traditional job boards. The difference between an A and B player is significant in terms of revenues.
  • Speed to Talent will impact sales, as in hiring within 30 days versus 60 days will make a difference to your bottom line!